Saidaiji Eyo


The information below is for 2023. Details of the event scheduled for 2024 will be updated on this page at a later date. Please wait a moment now.

The 514th The naked man’s festival will not have a battle for shingi this time due to the influence of the new coronavirus. However, naked men can join the Jioshi at the precincts.
Jioshi is the act of purifying oneself at the Koritoriba and visiting the main hall and the Goousho Gongen, and then walking through the four pillars that form the barrier to ward off evil spirits.
If you would like to participate in the Jioshi, please apply by February 16th.(Application form
For participants who wish to be introduced to a place to change clothes, we will inform you after applying. (If you fill out a checklist to prove that you are not infected with the new coronavirus, you can join the Jioshi.)
However, we will not be able to introduce a place to change clothes for those who applied after February 17th, so please secure it yourself before participating.

[Participation Application]

Application form
◦ Telephone: (+81)086-942-0101


1. mawashi(sumo wrestler’s loincloth)
2. Tabi (Jikatabi and Tobi tabi are prohibited)

[Requests to Jioshi participants]

Saidaiji Eyo is a sacred event with over 500 years of tradition. All participants are requested to comply with the following requirements.
① As in the 2022, the Shingi throwing ceremony will be held and awarded directly to the Iwainushi(presenters). (without battle for shingi)
② After 7:30 pm, Wasshoi Street (from Chugoku Bank to Niomon Gate) becomes a dedicated passage for naked men. But there is a time limit, so please come by 21:30.
③ Please perform Jioshi according to the guidance.
④ The route will be the same as usual, with Niomon→Koritoriba→Main Hall→Goousho Gongen→Four pillars. Three rounds are the norm.
⑤ You will not be able to go up to the large floor of the main hall as the Shingi throwing ceremony will be held from 9:45 pm.
⑥ Jioshi participants and audiences can also watch the Shingi Throwing ceremony under the main hall. Please be careful not to disturb the ceremony.
⑦ At the naked man’s Festival, there is a risk of injury or death due to contact between participants, falls, etc. The risk at the naked man’s festival is your own responsibility. The organizer will not be liable for any damages or any other liability for accidents such as injury or death that may occur while participating in the festival. Please accept this and participate at your own risk, and Please protect yourself.


1. Not allowed to participate in the festival when you are under the influence of liquor. It is very dangerous.
 ◦ The participants who are drunk will be removed before entering the site.
2. No violence, no fights.
3. No tattoos, no wearing supporters other than knees, no jika-tabi socks, no tobi-tabi socks.
◦The participants who are tattooed and/or wearing supporters other than knees, jika-tabi,
tobi-tabi will be removed before entering the site.
 ◦Not allowed to participate in the festival even if you cover the tattoos with clothes, tapes,
cosmetics and/or any other stuff.
 ◦Wearing supporters on the knees are specially permitted to prevent injury, and please
keep them within 40 cm in length.
 ◦Please remove glasses, necklaces, pierced earrings and/or any other jewelry, movile devices.
 ◦We will check for glasses and/or jewelries. We do not keep them temporally.
 ◦In case of an accident, please put a with your name, address,emergency contact number,
phone number, blood type, and the location of your changing room, in your fundoshi loincloth to identify yourself.
◦Please assume that photos and/or films of the crowd can be used for the festival publications.

[Infection prevention measures]
1. Please wear a mask.
2. If you are shouting, please keep your voice as low as possible.
3. Please keep your distance from the person next to you.

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